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The three "R's" have nothing on the three "S's:" Sand, Sun and Smoothies!

Sunblock smells like the beach. Perfume smells like a department store. Advantage, sunblock!

Why put a message in a bottle? If you're on a deserted island, you're already set.

If it can't be played on a ukulele, it shouldn't be played at all.

Airbrushed t-shirts aren't a fashion statement, they're a way of life.

Next time at airport security, start a conga line. If your shoes are off, you may as well enjoy it.

Any horizontal barrier is a limbo tournament waiting to happen.

It's impossible to wake up on the wrong side of the bed in a hammock.

Coconuts are nature's combo meal-food, a drink and (if you bowl with it first) a toy.

SPF stands for Smoothie Prediction Factor. 15 should be your minimum in summer months.

The sunset will always be better than anything on TV. (Yes, even J.J. Abrams' shows.)

Best thing about grass skirts? Picnicking without fear of grass stains.

No party is too fancy for tiki torches.

Tip: Jellyfish are NOT good with Peanut Butter. (You don't try that more than once.)

Hammocks are terrible for working in. Which is why they're perfect.

#1 guide to quality of life-pairs of sunglasses owned. Under 1/2-dozen? Hit the mall, then a beach.

If palm trees can't live there, neither should you. That's the only real estate advice you'll ever need.

Dueling Banjos is great, but Dueling Ukuleles wouldn't work. Ukuleles won't duel. They're pacifists.

If a wave crashes and nobody is around to hear it except for you, you picked the right beach.

It’s the name for the fun you feel inside every Tropical Smoothie Café.

There’s latitude. There’s longitude. Then, there’s Tropitude! It’s the carefree, open-toed spirit that makes the tropics special. And no matter where your GPS says you are, finding it is as easy as visiting your local Tropical Smoothie Café. Here, we never take ourselves too seriously and we encourage our guests to let loose as well. Our locations are vibrantly decorated. Our products have playful names. And our new Hula Girl is always ready to smile. (And not just because her face was painted that way.) In fact, the only thing we take seriously is our food, offering only the freshest, most flavorful choices in everything from smoothies to sandwiches. If you ask us, bland should be banned. But that’s just our Tropitude talking.

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